yesterday i had the opportunity to talk to the drummer of one of my new favorite bands. his band has become pretty prominent in it’s scene recently and i admittedly will say i am one of the newer fans. having background experience working festivals and concerts i know how taxing it can be for artists to constantly have people wanting their attention with a selfish angle, so i tried to keep it short. anyways, after telling him i was excited about the set and taking a picture i looked him in the eyes and said, “thanks a lot. i gotta go but i really hope you have a good day.” he looked at me funny and i went off. 30 feet away from the tent and 30 seconds later i heard, “hey, thank you! i hope you do too!”

it shocked me that a simple well wishing, what you expect to hear from customer service reps, was so unexpected.

words are powerful. so is sincerity. use them together. say what you mean and mean what you say. you don’t know what it could mean to someone else.

and while we’re on the topic of words. yesterday i also made the mistake of being silent. instead of texting a friend back immediately, i turned off my phone and figured i would wait until we needed to meet to figure out where we were meeting rather than planning it in advance.

silence is LOUD. it creates tidal waves of miscommunication and leaves what shouldn’t be open, open for interpretation. from my experience, that is bad.

speak up and mean it.